RAIN is a support system of wellbeing essentials, powered by natural ingredients, to ease the stress and tension of high-performance lives.


For some reason, we’ve created a way of life that goes against our nature. We work harder than ever, set bars higher, push ourselves further all so we can hit those KPIs, OKRs and PBs. 

And we’ve never felt more stressed, sore and sad. This approach to life has led to aching joints and tense muscles, anxious days and sleepless nights. 

We think there’s another way to go. Where we listen to our bodies, work to their strengths and unlock our potential. A way of life where it feels good to be human.

RAIN harnessed the gifts we find in nature to reduce inflammation and enhance wellbeing. And not just free us up to move better, think clearer, sleep better, but aim higher, achieve more and feel happier too.

Harry Jameson sitting at a table with two laptops on the table and RAIN products while having a meeting.

RAIN was founded by a small group of multi-business entrepreneurs who connected over the pressure of being ambitious changemakers and wanted to find all natural solutions to support and improve their performance at work, at the gym, and at home. Being able to share RAIN with their teams, families, clients, and customers has helped it evolve into the business it is today. It continues to grow its loyal customer base of high achieving individuals who have experienced the relief from stress and tension that RAIN products provide.